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The Eindhoven Box Cup will start with 26 bouts today

The Eindhoven Box Cup will start with its first session today in the Netherlands where 26 bouts are in the agenda.

Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Mongolia, the Netherlands are the participating countries on Day1.

The Tournament Director of the competition is Mr. Jeremie Besson, the engine of the Eindhoven Box Cup who established the event in the 2010s.

The accommodation place and the venue of the largest Olympic boxing event in the Netherlands both are at the esteemed Hotel Eindhoven.

The women boxers can participate in six different weight categories in Eindhoven at the 50kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 66kg, and 75kg divisions.

The male boxers are able to compete in their seven official Olympic weight categories: 51kg, 57kg, 63.5kg, 71kg, 80kg, 92kg and +92kg.

Due to the huge number of entries, the local organizers divided the participants of the light middleweight (71kg) and the light heavyweight (80kg), also at the women’s featherweight (57kg) into two groups.

Brazil’s World Champion and Tokyo Olympics silver medallist Beatriz Ferreira will open her campaign against France’s Camille Pegol at the women’s lightweight (60kg) on Day1.

Her teammates, as Tatiana Chagas (54kg) and Jucielen Romeu (57kg) will also make their debuts in the Eindhoven Box Cup on Day1.

One of the most anticipated female bouts of the first competition day will be held between Brazil’s Barbara Dos Santos and Algeria’s Imane Khelif at the women’s welterweight (66kg). Both qualified for the Paris Olympics on their first quota events and the two boxers are medal contenders in the Games.

The host nation’s pride, Chelsey Heijnen, the Best Female Boxer of the 2023 edition, will start her road to the gold medal with Denmark’s Caroline Lauenborg at the women’s lightweight (60kg).